Malaita youth concern for national general election



YOUTHS in Malaita province have raised their concerns towards the upcoming national general election which they say is a crucial one for the nation.

According to Rex Wane, a concerned youth representative, the upcoming national general election is crucial and is very important for this nation and the future of the people.

“There will be lots of people competing in the national general election but we need quality leaders and educated people that have the concern for its people within our constituencies.

“We need qualified people to represent us in the national parliament to address our issues and making proper policies and Laws for the whole our nation Solomon Islands.

“Currently we the young people and the future leaders of this nation we are experiencing hazards and difficulties with unemployment which causes lots of unlawful activities happened in our societies today.

“Our call and our heartfelt need for the upcoming national general election is all intend candidates must provide their curriculum vitae (CV) and qualifications.

“Even though our country is a democratic country where everybody have their own rights we heartedly focuses on our future.

“Our concern is that when someone is representing us in the parliament he will bring our ideas and concerns in the parliament not for his or her interest.

“We call on all youths in malaita province or other malaitan youths living in some other provinces in the country to have the same concern that we have for the upcoming national general election.

“This election is your future and our future, our country is heading towards a disaster future where it will affect us your brothers and sisters if we cast our votes imprecisely.”

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