Malaita workers salary delay causes ruckus


Malaita provincial government workers were not paid their salaries on time this week, and it has caused fear and panic.

The provincial government has said the delay is caused by cash flow problem in the national coffers since priorities have shifted to the Pacific Games.

Many took to social media voicing their frustrations. Others recalled a few years ago when provincial employees were paid with bags of rice to substitute their cash salaries.

Critics say the salary delay was politically motivated.

Malaita’s Admin said: “We understand the Pacific Game is coming up and SIG is very mindful on how it executes its national finance.

“And for clarity, the situation has nothing to do with politics or with MPG, it is because of delay of service grant and measures taken to deliver it.

“The Finance Treasury department assured us that the salary is coming, whilst work on staffs’ payroll had already prepared.

“So, it’s only the matter of releasing the service grant into the provincial account to pay the salary of the employees,” it said.

MPG’s admin also explained that salaries are paid for 10-days work, five working days per week that make up a fortnight.

It said it is not fair to accuse MPG for not facilitating the salary on Wednesday, when it is just the 8th day of the 10 working days.

The admin said if the salary does not come on Wednesday, the other days employees would look forward to are Thursday and Friday.

This paper understands that MPG staffs received their salary yesterday afternoon.

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