Malaita women in Honiara for policy dialogue with 14 MPs from Malaita

TWENTY women representing the 14 constituencies in Malaita and organisations in Malaita are in Honiara to present on and dialogue with their members of Parliament on the Malaita Women’s Empowerment and Development Policy 2018 – 2022.

The Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs together with the Ministry of Women, Youth and Sports of Malaita Province are collaborating with UN Women and UNDP through the Peace Building Fund, to organise a Women Dialogue with the Members of Parliament from Malaita province through the platform of the Malaita Women’s Empowerment and Development Policy 2018 – 2022.

The Malaita Women Empowerment and Development Policy was recently launched in Auki, on March 8, International Women’s Day.

The policy is a milestone and first ever for Malaita province, and has set out the priorities – both practical and strategic needs and interest of women in Malaita.

Research has shown that when governments invest in women, the family and community thrives.

Women in Malaita have an increasingly important role in the transformation of their communities.

They have become leaders in their communities seeking to address problems in their areas of community development and other issues.

However, in spite of the many common concerns faced by women there have been relatively few opportunities at the both the provincial and national levels to meet and discuss issues, or join forces with their provincial and national leaders in addressing common problems.

The dialogue will provide an overview of Malaita women’s path over the years through the outcome priorities in the Malaita Women’s Empowerment and Development Policy.

It will highlight issues and plans; and provide recommendations and consensus on key women’s priorities that affect their development and peace.

Freda Tuki Soriacomua says that creating a space for women’s participation in round table discussion with policy makers and leaders is important.

“Our government recognises women as partners in leadership and decision making, and we have articulate this through our National Action Plan for Women, Peace and Security; and the National Gender Equality and Women’s Development Policy.”

Our work with partners is to ensure that promoting gender equity and women’s development must be within our context as well as aligned to global best practice.

The women delegation from Malaita are being led by Rose Liata, Minister responsible for Women in Malaita province, Ms Clera Rikimani as the Women Desk Officer for Malaita province and Martha Rurai, President of the Malaita Province Council of Women.


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