Malaita under audit

Several ‘financial anomalies’ prompts request for check



THE Malaita province’s account section is bound to be audited soon after some discrepancies were discovered, it is reported.

A request has been submitted by the province for an internal audit following ‘financial anomalies’ experienced by the accounts section.

In an interview Malaita provincial secretary, Mr Jackson Gege, he affirmed having made the request to the national ministry of finance after “identifying things not really going well within the accounts section”.

He said one of the main points of concern is a problem Malaita province has with its disclaimer, which he did not elaborate on.

Gege adds that another of their complications is the difficulty faced with reconciliation.

He describes the situation as ‘seem really mess in the account office’.

“Because it was identified that within the account section there is no financial stability, as finance is going up and down.

“This is the reason we called for the audit to find out the reason for that financial fluctuation,” he said.

Gege said regarding the audit exercise, a special audit will first be carried out in specific areas within the accounts section which have been observed to have these ‘financial anomalies’.

A normal audit follows suit.

Gege assures that the audit is a mechanism which will ‘straighten the accounts section and tighten it up’.

He adds that the audit is part of the provincial government’s desire to see Malaita progress into a new chapter of prosperity and fulfillment of its aspirations.

The audit team from the national ministry of finance is expected in Auki in the first week of May.

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