Malaita supports West in reserve seats for women



MALAITA provincial government will draw its conclusion on reserve seats for women soon.

Premier of Malaita province, Hon Peter Channel Ramohia said the Executive meeting currently underway, is discussing the reserve seat for women.

Ramohia said Malaita province is in support of what Western Province Government is pursuing as part of their review of the Provincial Government Act.

He said the WPG has made a submission to the national government to consider temporary seats for women in their provincial government.

Adding that in their submission, they were also looking at including the initiative in the current review of the Provincial Government Act.

Ramohia said WPG is seeking support from other provincial governments on the matter and Malaita province is supporting Western Province in this initiative.

The Premier said the notion was purposely to include women in top provincial political decision making body.

Clarifying the initiative, Ramohia said though it is temporary measure, women have to contest the election if they want to go there, but there will be special consideration for women under the initiative.

He assured that more on this issue will be forth coming as discussions are still ongoing.

Premier Ramohia said from the provincial government’s perspective, they are committed to support gender issues in the province.

Ramohia made the statement during the official celebration of the 16 days activism of ending violence against women and girls in Auki.

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