Malaita Referendum proposed

referendum Letter
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MALAITA province quest for independence continues to be on the agenda as two organization on the Island is looking at organizing a referendum on the issue.

 The Malaita People’s Power and Malaita for Democracy (M4D) are proposing a voluntary survey (Referendum) to be carried out to all communities in Malaita province this month.

Malaitans believed this is the fight of their forefathers during the Maasina Rule movement and self determination to Malaita province will be the complete achievement of that struggle.

Later, there are also a provision for that under the Townsville agreement agreed with the belief of Malaitans for self-determination.

A joint letter by the two organizations reads “Malaita People’s Survey for Self-Autonomous State”

“This is to announce to all communities, organizations, companies/business houses and individuals. That Malaita People’s Survey for Self-Autonomous State will be conducted all through Malaita province, commencing on the month of November 2021.

“The organizing committee has prepared the group of volunteers to do the survey program.

“This is a non-government supported program which will be conducted by Malaita for Democracy (M4D) in reference to the resolutions agreed during Malaita People’s Open Forum held on 23rd and 24th September 2021 (Theme: Our Future Malaita).

“To those concerned, Malaitans must be reminded that those volunteers need our support during the implementation process as to reach all parts of Malaita for an effective and successful data collection within our province.

“Your support during the implementation process (data collection) are highly anticipated,” it said.

President of M4D, Knoxly Atu told this paper that the survey was proposed and will be carried-out after the Malaita Sons and Daughters Reconciliation and Reunion ceremony.

He said preparation is underway for the program and appeal was for communities in the province to support the survey for the good cause of their province.