Malaita provincial health receives vehicle from MPG



MALAITA provincial government donated a new brand landcruiser to Malaita Provincial Health Authority yesterday at Kilu’ufi hospital in Auki.

The vehicle was delivered by Deputy Premier, Randol Sifoni to Director of provincial health, Dr Rex Maukera as an achievement of the redirection policy of MARA government.

Sifoni said when the state of emergency was announced last year, MARA government had pursued immediate focus on response plan should there be a community transmission of covid-19.

“It was challenging to know that we are very poor in logistic. For example when a suspected case was reported in East Malaita early this year, people were panicked due to poor logistic support.

“Fortunately, it was not so serious. Hence, to respond to these kinds of incidence, the donated ambulance will be very useful to respond rapidly to covid-19 and other health issues,” he said.

Sifoni said this is a milestone and the vehicle will support the current fleet to respond to immediate casualties and other primary health needs to connect Kilu’ufi to health centres in the regions.

He said the support of the vehicle with proper logistic to connect communities and health centres in the province will save lives.

Sifoni said the vehicle was a gift from people and government of Malaita province to the provincial health and now delivered to your hands for safety and vigilant care.

He said the vehicle cost MPG $3,620,617.50.

 Meanwhile, Maukera thanked MPG for the donation of the vehicle saying it’s a sign of strong partnership between them.

He said the vehicle will contribute to quality health service and increase the coverage 

“Under the strategic plan of the MHMS, we are looking at four key areas and one of the areas is to increase coverage of health service across the country.

“I hope with this vehicle, it will run to pick patients from distance and remote places. It will also help to increase the coverage of quality health services in the province,” Maukera said.

He said the provincial health looks forward to strengthen partnership with MPG towards the future of health service in the province.

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