Malaita Provincial Alliance unite stakeholders



Rep from Domestic Violence Unit under Auki Police, Ms Lawrencia Ho’ira’o signing the MPA partnership agreement, witness by one of the Auki police commanding office, Mr Pato.

INITIATIVE taken by stakeholders and Oxfam Australia to establish Malaita Provincial Alliance has created an avenue of working partnership among stakeholders in the province.

President of Malaita Provincial Alliance, Ms Martha Rurai explained that the alliance is a safe family programme coordinated by Oxfam and looks at combating violence.

She said the alliance is looking at becoming a separate body from Oxfam, “so that when Oxfam leaves the body takes over the job”.

Rurai said in light of the partnership, stakeholders in Auki are working on a document for the partnership.

“The important thing about the alliance is to share information, materials and expertise to each other through the partnership.

“There is a cap of being isolated among stakeholders, and this is one advantage of the body so that no one exists by itself.

“This is the rationale behind the establishment of MPA with the support of Oxfam so that everyone works hand-in-hand to save the people of the province,” she said.

Rurai gives an example, saying if someone falls victim to violence, police, health and Malaita’s council of women will collaborate to help the victim.

“We often do that and responsible stakeholders work really well together on providing safe home for victims of violence as one of the key area under MPA.

“Beyond that there are other areas of need involved certain stakeholders in the province we can also work together on them,” she said.

Rurai said the important thing people in the province should understand is no stakeholder works in Isolation.

She said they had their own expertise and areas of work, however MPA unites everyone to speak a same language as they go along.

Rurai said another important thing here is stakeholders in the province failed to provide reports on their work back to the province.

“So province knew nothing about work the stakeholders are doing in the province.

“Hence, this is one important area MPA will ensure to provide report back to the province on all the work they do in the province,” she said.

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