Malaita province marks 35th anniversary



MALAITA province has successfully marked its 35th anniversary in Saraiselu, in the Afio substation, Small Malaita.

Speaking during the celebration on Monday this week, Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela greeted and congratulated Malaita province on behalf of the nation and its leaders (both national and provincial).

He acknowledged Malaita’s 35 years of achievements, and the many more to come ahead.

PM Hou also thanked church leaders, chiefs and other stakeholders for their contributions towards malaita province during the past 35 years.

Prime minister Rick Houenipwela deliver his speech

The theme for this year’s celebration “Challenges for Achieving Better Services Delivery in Malaita Province” is the role of the government.

Serving and taking up the leadership role is not easy.

Hou said, “We should focus on the number of policy of our province.

“Malaita province has contributed to 23 percent of the country’s population where 1,200 children born in one year.

“80 percent of the population is under the age of 40 and they are rated as youths.

“Problems and issues will be faced in our province if we do not meet and address youth issues.

“Malaita province should work hard to address the issues of its growing population.

“The national government will continue to work hard with the malaita provincial government through education, health and other important sectors or ministry.”

Hou also thanked the Malaita provincial government for their commitment towards implementation of its projects in Malaita.

“$6.5 Million dollar is currently on going with the ministry of education, Health, fisheries and agriculture.

“I thank the premier of Malaita province Hon Peter Ramohia for your working together with the national government by continuing your partnership through services and working areas.

“Most national projects in Malaita province have been turn down due to land disputes.

“Land owners are the issue to development in malaita especially, Houenipwela said.

“Fiu hydro has been turn down and the current solar farm to expand power supply in Auki is currently experiencing the similar situation.”

Premier of Malaita province Hon. Peter Ramohia salutes the Malaita anthem

He added the Paresi airport and the Manaoba airport are now reopened and promise to boost the province’s economy, and the nation’s to an extent.

“We must attract the government, investors and donors for development purposes.

“All of us have the role to play in any development in the province.”

Horizon band during the entertainment
Hon. Minister for Infrastructure Hon. Stanley Sofu recieve his gift from the Deputy Premier of malaita province, Hon. Alick Maeaba
Parasi women’s cultural group entertaining the crowd during the malaita second appointed day celebration
Prime minister Rick Houenipwela inpects the guard honour
Prime minister Rick Houenipwela salutes the national anthem during the malaita second appointed day in Afio on Monday
The Royal Solomon Islands Police band in Afio during the Malaita second appointed day celebration
The RSIPF police band entertains the crowd

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