Malaita province focuses on improvement



THE Malaita Provincial Government has put in place three important pillars for their proposed work on the financial reform.

Provincial Secretary, Mr Jackson Gege recently said the province has turned its focus on improving its capability and attention on some key areas that needs improvement under the reform.

He said the areas includes the governance system, finance and human resource where an upsurge improvement is needed.

Gege said improving the governance system will look at the province’s procurement system like rules and laws that must be followed properly.

He added that finance is another area where province must have adequate capacity in order to source it activities or carry out its obligation.

Gege said human resource is also important for staff to have adequate skills and knowledge to perform to expectation.

He said at the moment the province do not have adequate skills and knowledge in these areas.

“We actually subdue to the system when there is pressure,” Gege said.

He said being trapped in the system doesn’t mean that they have to be there. They must struggle and find a way out of it for the good of the province, Gege said.

Gege said this is the idea behind the reform as they are trying to move the province to a new chapter.

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