Malaita prov govt urges youths forward



Malaita provincial desk officer Ms Clera Rikimani.

THE Malaita provincial government has publicly encouraged the province’s youths to utilise their skills to build and progress Malaita.

Malaita province desk-officer Ms Clera Rikimani urged youths during the closing of a two-week frontload training under the Youth@work entrepreneurship component organised for youths last Friday at Kilusakwalo.

“I salute you this young generation for what you have learnt during the past two weeks.

“By availing your time and commitments towards this very important training which I see if you could implement what you’ve learnt here you will be successful in your future endeavours.

“Malaita is waiting for you with the potentials you have.

“We want to see changes in our communities especially to carry out what you have learnt here during the past 14 days in your own communities.

“Young women and young men, this nation is counting on you.

“By involving in small business activities and programmes I believe it is a way forward for you young people for a better future.

“Your future begins today, shift from the past failures and launch out into the deep where you can find ways and make use of your potentials.

“I know you will be benefiting from this programme where projects will be given out to each of you after another set of training by the end of this month and I urge you to manage it well and make use of it.

“On behalf of the Malaita provincial government I wish to thank the SPC and the office of the youth @work for organising and the financial support.

“We will continue to work together to bring this young people into a new height and for a bright future.”

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