Malaita proposes exchange visit to Guadalcanal



THE Malaita provincial government through its ministry of education and human resource has proposed an exchange visit to Guadalcanal province in May this year.

The visit is part of the Peace Through Education (PTE) established between the two provinces to create a culture of peace and harmony through the two provinces’ education sector.

Minister for education and human resource who also chairman of Malaita education board, Randoll Sifoni made the statement in an interview with this paper.

Mr Sifoni also during the recent Malaita provincial assembly moved a resolution on the need for the exchange visit which was supported by the house.

He said under the programme the Guadalcanal province government through its education sector has already visited the province some years back.

“Now it’s Malaita Province’s turn through its education sector to exchange the visit, so that discussion could embark on how to execute the activities under the programme.

“On my side, this is priority and before Malaita province will engage in any major activity under its education sector in the province, the first thing to do is to pay the visit.

“The visit is very important as my side see areas of improvement and inclusion of some more ideas under the concept that we will discuss for the future of the relationship,” Sifoni said.

According to information this paper obtained on the PTE concept, the mission of the programme is to create opportunities for school students in the two provinces.

This is so that they can share learning spaces, participate in cross cultural exchanges and experience and interact with each other in ways to create understanding, tolerance, and national consciousness.

The proposal will also help young people from the two provinces to appreciate and understand each other’s cultures, experiences and perspectives, challenges faced and culture shared as Solomon Islanders.

According to the proposal, the concept of PTE is meant to boost post-conflict peace building.

The idea is to create understanding that will ensure sustainable peace between the two once-rival sister provinces and stability for the country.


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