Malaita prepares for coronavirus

Dr Henry Kako, Director of Malaita Provincial Health Authority and chairman of Malaita Provincial Health Emergency Operation Committee (PHEOC), had earlier called for national government to put aside politics and distribute donated PPEs to all provinces including Malaita.
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MALAITA Provincial Health Authority has put in place preparedness plans for coronavirus.

Director of Malaita Provincial Health Authority, Dr Henry Kako said this is in response to advice issued by WHO to countries in the Pacific region.

MHMS is implementing its preparedness plan with all its provincial health authorities across the country.

He said on February 4, the Infection Control Programme under Kilu’ufi hospital called a first meeting represented by various divisions within the hospital included Auki clinic.

Kako said during the meeting a cluster team representing these various divisions within the hospital was selected to head the preparedness plan.

So far they have had five meetings in their preparation.

“We took this corona virus outbreak seriously and want to prepare early.

“So, from the cluster team, we put together preparedness plans on how to react to the virus if it arrives in the country,” Kako said.

He said they will embark on awareness programmes in churches, to be followed by schools and public sessions in the communities.

Kako said this is to ensure public is aware of the virus, its control measures and where to go to if there is a suspected case.

“As we met and prepared, the mother ministry will send to Kilu’ufi hospital its surveillance team to conduct a training for us.

“So the team here on the ground looks forward for the training because it would be the first time MHMS to help us with the training since WHO declare the outbreak of corona virus,” he said.

Kako said they had also met with an officer from Malaita Provincial Disaster Organizing Committee who presented in their last two meetings.

“The officer helped us with good information in relations to activation of our committee or team.   

“We link with the officer to communicate our preparedness plans to the provincial government,” he said.