Malaita premier applauds traditional governance and land reform

MALAITA Premier Peter Ramohia has expressed his desire to see the enactment of the Traditional Governance and Land Reform Bills which he believes can address impediments to development in the Province.

Speaking at celebrations to mark the Province’s 35th Second Appointed Day at Afio in South Malaita Monday this week, the Premier highlighted that his Executive believed that the current laws governing land tenure systems are inadequate for development in Malaita and Solomon Islands as a whole.

He pointed out that currently acquisition of land for development whether compulsory or under the current Lands and Titles Act isolates tribal land owners from participating in development.

“Acquisition whether compulsory or done under the current Lands and Title Act alienate customary land from tribal land owners thus inadequate for development and must stop and be replaced by Traditional governance and Land reform laws,” Mr Ramohia said.

He said the enactment of the two bills (Traditional governance and Land reform) will prevent the alienation of customary land.

“These laws are about anchoring customary land for development to grow; giving protection and control for local customary land owners to utilize and participate in development; a redirection for Solomon Islands; and therefore deserves a constitutional anchor and protection,” Ramohia said

The Premier said the Malaita provincial government is happy that the National Government is proactively pursuing Traditional governance and Land reform and that extensive progress has already been made.

It is believed that the passing of the Traditional governance and Land reform bills into Laws will be a milestone for the whole country and Premier Ramohia pledges Malaita’s firm support in the process towards enacting these legislations.


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