Malaita Premier announces his government’s first 100 days policy



Malaita Premier announces his government’s first 100 days policy.

PREMIER of Malaita province has announced his first 100 days policy on the floor of assembly during the first day of full assembly meeting on Monday.

Daniel Suidani said his government is all about change, and some of the very much needed work is captured in his policy direction for their first 100 days.

He said by now they want to see tangible change to be translated on the ground as there will be ‘no business as usual’.

“Within the first 100 days, we want to see order restored within our provincial administration. We want to see services starts to affect the lives of the people.

“We want to see the local revenue picking up. And to see the market vendors along the streets of Auki provide with a proper place,” Suidani said.

He said they are eager to see a permanent dumpsite secure for the rubbish disposal of Auki Town and its residential areas.

“With that we will ensure Auki town is clean and tidy for as long as my government continues to rule.

“We also want to see collection of rubbish is managed properly within the limited resources that we currently have.

“We want to see that the provincial 2nd Appointed Day celebration to be hosted successfully.

“And most of all, we want to see that the confidence and trust of our people is regained to where it supposed to be through their feedbacks,” Suidani said.

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