Malaita peacekeeping force

New group formed to help police curb ‘rising’ anti-social problems in Auki




AUKI township has a pacification force called the Malaita Peacekeeping Force, which is reportedly close to implementing its plans to tackle anti-social behaviour in the town.

The group consists of men from the communities of Auki, and the objective of the group is to work towards establishing a peaceful environment for the town.

Speaking on behalf of the organisation, Mr Moses Akote’e said the group is currently shaping up with its plans and activities prior to beginning its work.

He said the purpose behind the establishment is to quell the increasing anti-social behaviours in Auki.

Akote’e said anti-social behaviour is increasing uncontrollably in Auki, with nothing much done about it.

He said the police are performing their duty, but are not as effective since they are outnumbered.

“This is where we came in as part of community support to ensure people must live-up to law and order in our community,” Akote’e said.

He said the members of the group have lived in Auki for years and they are key witnesses to the adverse changes to Auki’s social life.

“Like now it’s going worse than what we can say in compare to anti-social behaviour in Auki over the past years.

“Lots of illegal brewing of Kwaso in the surrounding communities of Auki and police can’t do anything about it.

“With that people seem encourage with the illegal activities which always been resulted in lots of unlawful activities in Auki,” Akote’e said.

He reiterated that this is the reason they were formed and they will work alongside police to ensure anti-social behaviours are dealt with.

Akote’e said they want Auki town a safer and peaceful place for everyone to live in.

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