Malaita needs proper roads



THE national government and the Malaitan provincial government have been called on to construct proper roads in the province.

A Mr Clyde Maelifo’oa makes the appeal following a huge deterioration in the general condition of roads around the province.

“What we experienced here was when the roads were damaged, the government tendered them to constructors who probably not doing much to the improvement of the roads.”

Maelifo’oa points out that Malaita needs road construction that will require the use of big heavy machines which will create permanent hardy roads.

“Not the temporary fixes which use only hand tools and wheel barrows to fix patches and so forth.”

“We want government to think beyond just giving the road maintenance projects to contractors who will never make changes to the roads.

“Because for sure, huge amount of money the government spent on those maintenance projects, but no tangible work happen on the ground.”

Maelifo’oa explained that rain is very common in Malaita and this is the main contributing factor to most road damage faced in the province.

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