Malaita MPAs threatened in fallout of failed motion


TWO provincial members of Malaita have reportedly been threatened by men demanding ‘bribe money’ in Auki.
Both are MPAs of Ontong Java, Malaita Outer Island; William Ionga (Pelau, ward 32) and John Kehosi (Luaniua, ward 31).

Speaking to the paper both MPAs said the men went to their homes on Tuesday night and demanded that they return $10,000 bribe money which the men claimed had been paid to the MPAs to vote against Premier Daniel Suidani in Tuesday’s motion of no confidence.

Both MPAs deny vehemently any knowledge of this $10,000 and that any bribery took place.

The MPAs said the incident happened at Fasitoro area and that another Malaita MPA had led the men. It is understood that MPA (name withheld) is a former minister of the MARA government and is now with the non-executives.

The Lord Howe MPAs say the situation that night cooled down after they reported the matter to the premier, who then sent security personnel to their homes.

This incident shows that money was being played during the lobbying period leading up to Tuesday’s assembly.

Kehosi has since called for his residence to be fenced.

Meanwhile, a MPA from the MARA government has told this paper that he had been summoned on Monday night by a non-executive MPA (name withheld) and offered a bribe to vote against Premier Suidani.

The MPA said he refused and never received the money.
It is unclear whether the above matters have been reported to police or not.

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