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Malaita log of claims held for anniversary handover

Malaita Premier, Daniel Suidani



The handover of Malaita’s log of claims document to the national government has been postponed for August 15, which is Malaita’s Second Appointed Day.

Malaita premier Daniel Suidani told Island Sun that this deferment has been made based on advice from the permanent secretary to the ministry of provincial government (MPGIS), Stanley Pirione.

The document was initially planned to be submitted to the national government last Friday.

But, following a meeting with PS Pirione, the handover was postponed.

Suidani said MARA government sees this as the right thing to do, so that Malaitans witness the approach taken by their government to present their long time demands and cries.

He said like in the past, similar petitions were also submitted to the national government in an organised way, but turned out different as people took advantage of it.

Suidani said this time round, this is what will happen, similar petitions but will be carried through by Malaita provincial government as the responsible body for Malaitans   

He said preparation of the log of claim is done, written, printed and ready to be submitted.

Suidani said MPG hopes if national government could request dialogue with them on the claim. And this is what MPG is looking forward to happen. He said the log of claim gathers all the demands, development aspirations and sufferings of Malaitans that continue to remain unaddressed by the national government

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