Malaita government welcomes private sector with open arms

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Malaita’s government is partnering with the private sector towards developing the province.

Premier Daniel Suidani says his Malaita alliance for rural advancement (MARA) government will continue with this open-door policy to companies committed to developing Malaita.

Mr Suidani said this is one priority area under the seven key policies of MARA.

“Under MARA government’s seven key policy, the government continues to establish partnership with private actors aligned towards development of Malaita province.

“I am happy to announce that the Nio Tero group (a US NGO) has already started work with the Ferafolia community in West Kwara’ae.

“And Sky Island group (another US NGO) is currently supporting consultation work with the MARA government, MoFR and MECDM towards rolling out the MCC programmes in carbon trading and forest conversation.

“As we speak, two areas have already been identified for the carbon trading programme to start this year 2021,” he said.

On that note, Suidani said that his government’s support to identify areas of rural income and livelihood improvement is ongoing.

“Under the USAID funding programmes, my government is looking forward to gather more date in this area so that programmes can be targeted on specific areas.

“This will be an ongoing area to address and now that Winrock will be here for the next five years.

“MARA government will work together with Winrock to realise the area,” he said.