Malaita enquires missing $15m support fund from New Zealand

Premier of Malaita province Daniel Suidani
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MALAITA premier Daniel Suidani is enquiring after a $15 million support fund which New Zealand had given for covid-19 upgrades for Kiluufi and Gizo hospitals.

Mr Suidani said eight months ago the national government announced the $15 million covid-19 aid from New Zealand for the two hospitals, one of which is in Malaita.

The Premier said since then they have not seen, heard or received anything on this aid.

Suidani said he had approached New Zealand’s High Commissioner Georgina Roberts enquiring the matter and she told him that her government had already handed the funds over to the DCGA Government.

Given this long period of silence, the Malaita provincial government suspect that the DCGA government has diverted the funds to “other things”, something which the New Zealand government ought to take note of, Suidani said.

“We heard so much about some assistance to come, like the $15 million support from NZ government announced by SI government for Gizo and Kilu’ufi hospitals.

“But as of that time until today, nothing of that support from New Zealand reached the province as announced.

“Taking with New Zealand High Commissioner, Ms Georgina Roberts in Auki, I posed question on the matter and she said SI government already receive the aid under the stimulus package.

“Under the stimulus package that the national government announced the allocating the $15m among Kilu’ufi and Gizo hospitals,” he said.

Suidani said funds coming from donor partners especially under the current covid-19 are channelled through MPs or other non intended platforms.

“I didn’t see reasons for channeling the fund through MPs and others, because it won’t directly serve its intended purpose,” he said.  

Suidani said Kilu’ufi hospital is still waiting for its share of the funds and if government holds it for some reasons, the people of Malaita province are still waiting for the support.