Malaita education authority

DEAR EDITOR, the intention of this article is to get the attention of the concern ministry to strengthen its provincial agencies, specifically MEA.

Firstly, absenteeism among MEA officers is alarming.

Some EA officers rarely attend to their duties but only come to the office three days a week or sometimes twice a week.

The reasons for non- attendance to office duties are not publicly known but it is happening daily and soon it will be a routine.

I therefore, humbly call on the responsible officers from MEHRD division to address this issue and put in place appropriate mechanism that will curb this habit.

Secondly, lateness for MEA officers is chronic now in 2018. I see no reasons for MEA officers to come late because there are two vehicles that are tag under this Authority with available fuel which often billed to the EA by a local a depot.

However, normal timing for some EA officers to attend to their official duties is not 8.30, 9.30 but often beyond these hours.

Because of this, accountable officers from MEHRD need to monitor this agency to improve punctuality needs to be done.

Thirdly, few officers of this said EA are not doing their mandated duties. For example, the MEA School inspector for Eastern region is station at Afio in South Malaita instead of Atori in the east.

Such location will cost the government excessive imprest should a visit is plan for Eastern region of Malaita.

Therefore, I call upon the Inspectorate division of MEHRD to address such expensive undertaking.

The assets of this inspectorate division such as OBM too need proper management.

Fourthly, ample thanks and applaud to some hard working officers who ensure the division is functioning each day.

To be specific, the MEA secretary who work tirelessly, the inspectorate for northern region who almost complete her school visitations, the inspectorate for central region and few other officers who are not specifically mention here.

Finally, MEA is a big authority and when services are not properly delivered, media has to ring the bell so that responsible authority could able to see what they do not able to see each day.

Thus, the issues raise in this letter is not intended to tarnish the MEA administration but to reveal few weakness that requires improvements.


Thank you

Concerned school teacher

Malaita province

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