Malaita creates history with Canada



MALAITA province has created history with the Canadian government through the newly introduced CITREC program.

According to Provincial Secretary of Malaita province Mr. Jackson Gege, it is a historical opportunity for youths in Malaita province to study in Canada through the Canadian CITREC program.

He said, this year’s intake from Malaita itself is 44 youths around Malaita Province where they will have opportunities from this program.

These youths are fortunate to have chances of going out for further studies through this CITREC program.

Gege added the names have already sent to Canada for the final confirmation before early next year.

The CITREC program have started with its programs with the Guadalcanal provincial government and Makira where this year Malaita have fortunate to be amongst the two sister provinces for the program.

Those that are selected this year will definitely have their opportunity for this program by next year 2019.

Gege thanked the national government and the Canadian government for creating opportunities for our young people especially to gain more knowledge for their specific fields they are applying for.

We also congratulate these new intakes for Malaita province towards this CITREC program.

Gege revealed that such approach is good and it will improve and provide more opportunities to our youths in our provinces.

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