Malaita budget meeting adjourns for Thursday

Participants inside the Rarasu motel conference room.
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THE Malaita provincial full assembly budget meeting has been adjourned to Thursday this week.

The motion to move the meeting was raised by the Premier of Malaita province Hon Peter Channel Ramohia.

Speaker of the Malaita provincial assembly Hon Titus Fika said the adjournment is to allow the PPAC to process the whole budget along with the executive before putting it up for debate in the assembly.

He said it is important to allow time for the PPAC and the executive to also have a say on the budget before any changes can be made during the assembly meeting later this week.

During the first meeting yesterday Premier Ramohia also told assembly that the Malaita provincial budget relies on the national government, which has proposed to cut budget for the provinces.

Ramohia said, “Concerning our PCDF funds we will expect to see changes to our projects under the PCDF due to the economical crisis experienced in the country.”