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Many say it’s a birthday gift



Despite their political differences, Malaita provincial government says ‘thank you’ for what many are seeing as a birthday gift by the national government.

The capital of Malaita, Auki, is seeing a facelift ahead of next week’s Second Appointed Day, thanks to the national government.

Auki’s CBD today is different to the Auki CBD of two weeks ago.

The rutted road is gone, replaced with a smooth one, upon which vehicles and passengers cruise with no creaking sounds; even no sound from the tyres rolling on the road, some say.

Malaita’s Minister for Public Works, Labour, Transport and Communication, Timeas Waledala relayed his government’s applause and appreciation to the national government, especially the ministry of infrastructure development (MID), for rehabilitating Auki’s road.

Speaking to Sun Auki yesterday, he said since last week the public of Auki and visiting citizens from other parts of Malaita have been enjoying the smooth road.

The national road rehab project began two weeks ago, he said.

“The bad condition once endured with the Auki roads since last year until the past weeks has gone as roads were mended and will provide a transport ease for everyone.

“Currently the focus of the work is within Auki CBD and if required work is completed, work will expand to roads leading to the suburbs of Auki.

“The duration of the project is three month and there is enough time to complete maintenance of roads within Auki that are captured under the project.”

He stressed that the road work, plus the facelift, is timely as the province looks forward to celebrating its 38th birthday on Monday next week.

“I want to thank the national government that although we have political differences, they didn’t let go of us but continue to support and respond to our needs.

“This project is one amongst other supports from the national government to Malaita province and it also shows partnership between SIG and MPG despite the differences,” Waledala said.

He assured that as the responsible provincial minister, he will continue to work alongside MID to see a successful completion to the project.

Meanwhile, Waledala thanks JED Enterprise Construction Company for implementing the project.