Mala govt resolves to get tough on illegal businesses

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MALAITA provincial government (MPG) has resolved in their ongoing Executive meeting to take a hard stand against businesses which are operating illegally in the province.

The two recently closed Chinese shops in Auki were made example of.

Deputy premier Randol Sifoni told Island Sun yesterday like the two Chinese businesses, any business found to have obtained their licences unlawfully will immediately have theirs terminated and business closed down.

Sifoni explained that under the ordinance only the Executive has the power to decide over business applications; not the provincial secretary or any staff of the province.

Regarding the two Chinese businesses, Sifoni explained that not only did they obtain their licences from a non-Executive member, there were other discrepancies in their applications which point to the intention of obtaining licence via corrupt means.

One, he says, was in the details of the business applications, which stated that the owners were locals.

However, behind the cashier in each shop, a Chinese was sitting, and this did not complement the false details provided in their applications.

Sifoni however points out that this is not about whether or not a business operator is a foreigner or Malaitan, “it is simply about being honest about your application and the details that you furnish us with”.

“Providing honest details in the application is important for consideration of the application.”