Mala ex-militants thank government for rehab



Malaita ex-combatants have praised the SIDCCG government for the rehabilitation awareness programme held at Buma in West Kwara’ae last week, in Malaita province.

Spokesperson Moses Akote’e said, “I salute the present SIDCCG led government for raising this issue concerning the rehabilitation programme in Choiseul, Guadalcanal and Malaita.

“If the present government addresses this issue concerning the rehabilitation programmes for our ex- militants we will be happy because this is what we been long for.

“For many years this issue has been raised concerning the rehab programme has been taken more time for implementation to reach implementation stages.

“We call on the national government to take this on board especially for the address the long waited programme for the ex-militants.

“By implementing this rehabilitation programme I believe it will solve some issues that we are facing especially in such beneficial programmes like this.

“We call on the national government for any clarification whether this rehabilitation programme will be carried out or not.

“Since we have been waiting for this programme to be implemented we want to hear any response from the government as we are almost heading towards the end of this year where we heard promises from the past governments but nothing has been done.”

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