MAL red-marked


MAL’s Permanent Secretary Mrs Ethel

MINISTRY of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) are red mark by the Solomon Islands Government due to less implementation of projects last year, it is reported.

The Ministry of Development, Planning and Aid Coordination carried out an assessment last year which lists MAL is one of the six government ministries red marked.

This means that they had not fully implemented their projects budgeted for last year.

MAL’s Director Extension/Project Sub Coordinator Mr Michael Ho’ota blames land issues which have hindered implementation of projects.

He adds that the government system of releasing funds is another contributing factor.

Despite that, Ho’ota said MAL continue to provide services to farmers particularly poultry farmers, food crops, trees and also supports in kava production of Varivao Holdings.

MAL’s Permanent Secretary Mrs Ethel Francis challenged MAL’s officers to step-up and set focus on implementing programmes set for 2018—2019.

She said labelling MAL as ‘red marked’ is a sign that agriculture programmes are not fully implemented and it is important to create partnership and friendship with donor partners and farmers in the country.

“It means agriculture sector did not implement well and if we did not step up and proves to them that money given is not use properly then we will lose as well in 2019 budget,” she said.

“The agriculture sector need to step-up—the challenge in that our economy has very weak base, when encountering small problem we fall.”

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