MAL encourages local food consumption


THE Ministry of Agriculture (MAL) in its efforts to promote the consumption of local food in the country is active in its livelihood, food security and enhancement programmes.

This is according to the ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Mr Jimi Saelea who stressed that while his ministry has about 300 officers, 117 of them are extension officers located throughout the country to coordinate the above programmes.

In relation, he explained that the programmes, planning and projects are initially implemented at their headquarters before being disseminated to the officers in the provinces.

“The food security programme is basically about addressing food security where farmers whether they are women, youth or whoever apply for some assistance to address their food security issues maybe in areas dealing with growing crops. We then provide them with assistance in terms of tools, equipment and planting materials,” Saelea said.

He added that farmers can also consult the ministry officers located in the provinces to assist them should they need any in whatever they are doing.

Saelea furthers that this is one of the ministry’s efforts to promote the consumption of local food across the country while discouraging the consumption of store bought foods.

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