Makira/Ulawa vaccine rollout set for August

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MAKIRA/Ulawa province vaccination roll-out is set for the first week of August.

Dr Yogesh Choudhri senior advisor to Ministry of Health and Medical Services announced this recently.

“Plan to roll out vaccine to Makira/Ulawa is on first week of August to roll it out. Right now they are doing the trainings and then advocacy meetings,” Choudhri said.

He said for provincial level rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination it is often led provincially and managed provincially.

The national government is only there to support them to run the vaccination roll-out.

Choudhri said each province has specific clinics and multiple technologies to reach out.

“Some of the multiple approaches including Fix clinics, mobile, outreach, going to business houses.

“So it’s a mixture of approach that we are taking. This because we want to make sure the vaccine reaches the people.

“I think people also must start to take little responsibility and effort to get vaccinated,” he said.