Makira-Ulawa needs quality health service: Report



MAKIRA Ulawa province is reported to be in dire need of quality health service for its people.

According to a general health status report for the province, it is facing a lot of serious health challenges, with 10 percent of health facilities closed due to poor conditions, human resources and community issues.

It also says that 85 percent of health facilities and staff houses are in deteriorated states.

Furthermore, 33 percent of rural health centres are operating without a registered nurse and 28 of the available facilities do not have radio communication devices.

The report says 11 of the 15 outboard motor canoes used for health services are no longer working. This is said to be a serious matter since majority of health centres rely on sea transport.

“Health facilities are without functioning water supply and sanitation and also minimum standard equipment. Manpower, nurses, microscopist and nutritionist.

“There is a great need for new staff houses and even repair of existing ones will be at a very high cost,” the report outlines.

Regarding water and sanitation, the report reveals that a staggering 40 percent of communities in Makira Ulawa province do not access safe drinking water, and 89 percent are without proper sanitation.

The report meanwhile says diseases responsible for most deaths in the province as recorded are non-communicable diseases (NCD), malaria, maternal, TB and accidents.

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