Making music after a lifetime of struggle


THE creation of music beats and melodies have been enhanced these days through the availability of technology and the various computer software available to create your own style of music.

These platforms assist many self-taught musicians across the country to better their music.

Among those who have made use of the opportunities presented in the music industry is young musician David Randall.

After years of struggling to become a musician, his eyes are set on 2021 as the year he would go further in the industry, stating he feels more comfortable with who he is as an artist today than before.

Young Randall, AKA ‘Kay Yung’ has established himself as a young songwriter, instrumentalist and music producer in the local music scene.

His story today was a far cry from the days when his music went through the complicated music process where his records get holed up in studios for record, and re-rrecord until the sound was perfect, often taking months.

Hailing from Munda in Western province and with Japanese heritage, 27-year-old Randal, cultivates music with his own passion and narratives that are played out in soothing reggae and island beat tracks.

When asked what first comes to mind as a musician, he emphasised to the Sun Weekender that his music is used to get him to a better place.

His passion for music started when he was 16 years old. He started watching the band Queen and fell in love for their music and their lyrics and how they touched people with the message of their songs, which inspires him to be creative in producing his own songs.

“My first song was called ‘Black beauty’ and was recorded from an underground studio in Gizo western province (Sharesound production) In 2013,” he recalled.

He said with the new musical software available it only takes up to two days to complete recording when asked about how long it takes to complete a recording.

Kay Yung was inspired by many music Legends which drew him to the industry in Solomon Islands, further aspiring to emulate musicians such as Five, MC Hammer, Bob Marley, 2 Pac, Omarion and Eagles.

He used to live with his grandmother and aunty back home in Munda after his parents died.

“But currently I’m in town working just to help me survive, since I’m no longer with my real parents,” he said.

“I started singing at the age of 16 with some homeboys”, he recalled.

“Back then, it was a rough time and there was no proper recording equipment. But I never gave up as I know that someday, somehow, I can be seen in the music scene as I’ve got something to share with the world.

“I have to work hard and sell Lemons, even joining other big boys Cutting timbers Just to get paid and go to the studio.

“In those days it was a challenge to go out there.

He recalled having to work hard just to produce songs as the cost back then to release a song would be around $150 for a recording.

After the recording of ‘black beauty’, another hit ‘Shake em’ was released as a nightclub song. I also produced ‘scars’ as a ttestimony to my life situation. Others that have hit the airwaves include, ‘boom Last dance’, Your Beauty ft Fredrick (shefram Recordz), ‘Dance’ ft Homeboys Comedy, ‘Talem stret’ ft Jay brizzy and ‘Love me with lies’ ft Jay brizzy, Hula ft Ismuki ‘You’re the one’ (Top Recordz).

After years of struggling to make a name for himself in the industry, Kay Yung aims to inspire others with his songs and lyrics.

“As an artist, I just want people to see me as an inspiration to others, go out there and look for opportunities.

“If I had a chance to help other artists show their love to the people by encouraging them to share positive vibes through songs!

His goal is to build himself a studio o help other artists struggling behind those walls.

 “My goal is to succeed and keep spreading positive vibes to all and I have a big heart for my street brothers and youths,” he adds.

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