Maki insists Mamae and Sore must step out

City Mayor Wilson Mamae
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HONIARA resident Stephen Maki has provided legal documents yesterday to prove his call for City Mayor Wilson Mamae and Clerk, Rence Sore to resign.

The two documents are:

1.         Special Investigation Audit Report on the accounts and records of Honiara City Council by Auditor General Office; and

2.         Honiara City Council fraud, misconduct and misappropriation allegation produced by former Chairman in Finance, Billy Abae.

Maki said these are the two legal documents the Mayor asked him to produce to validate his allegation.

He accused Mamae of questioning the integrity of Auditor General Office and very defensive about his inability to run the City Council.

“What the current Council is doing is the continuing with the policy and programmes of last Council executive,” Maki said.

Maki said the auditor report highlighted fraudulent actions, abuse of power in office, illegal proceeding outside the legal process of the Financial Instruction, unauthorised payments without receipts and falsified documents to justify payments.

He said coupled with the report produced by Councillor Abae before he was sacked shows payments in the Council was done without the proper process.

For example, Maki alleged that $30,000 to $60,000 of the Council’s petty cash was paid out in a week.

Maki said this is the reason why he called on the Mayor and Clerk to resign to allow investigation to continue in order to restore integrity back into the Council.

Otherwise, he said the only solution is for the Minister of Home Affairs to dissolve the council.

However, Mayor Mamae lashed out at comments calling for the Clerk and him to resign for the sake of their integrity.

“I understand that the City Mayor can only be ousted by a Motion of No Confidence.

“City Clerk can only be removed by the Full Council,” he said.

However, Mamae was tight-lipped over the issues raised against the council.

These include the controversial fire extinguisher deal, the illegal $1.8 million borrowings, and other issues raised against his leadership.

Meanwhile, the Mayor has insisted that those who politicise the HCC saga and the desperate Stephen Maki to go to the Leadership Codes Commissioner with all their allegations.

He insisted that they have nothing to do with the issues raised.