Maepioh dismisses call for audit

By Alfred Sasako

FORMER Premier Wayne Maepioh has hit back at calls for audit of the Western Provincial Government books, saying audit “is a non-issue”.

“Those making the call for an audit are driving their personal agenda,” Mr Maepioh told Island Sun on the weekend.

He said his claim that auditing the Provincial Government’s books is a non-issue was strengthened by the recent report by the Office of the Auditor General, which singled out Choiseul, Isabel and Western province as having passed the mark.

“I don’t think an audit would turn up anything. In fact it is my belief that the audit of accounts for 2016 and 2017 would produce the same outcome. As a matter of fact when we were leaving office, auditors were already working on our books,” he said.

“On this note I would like to congratulate the new Premier and his team.

“I am confident that the new Premier and his Executive would maintain the same standard we have left the Province in.”

He said he was disappointed that his government was unable to complete a number of important policy issues introduced during his term.

This was because of political interference by national MPs at the recent provincial election.

“For example, my government introduced the measure to ban the use of plastics in Province. The second is the issue of reserving three (3) seats for women in the Provincial Assembly.

“It is my hope the new government would see to it that these important measures are pursued for the betterment of the Province,” he said

Maepioh is taking a petition against his successor, claiming his win was based on an aggressive campaign funded by two national MPs.

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