‘Ma’asina Ruru Movement’ name to be maintained: Housanau


MMF President Martin Housanau

THE chairman for the Malaita Ma’asina Forum, Mr Martin Housanau has declared that the name ‘Maasina Ruru Movement’ must be kept.

During a talk on re-establishing Ma’asina Ruru Movement organisation (MRMO) in which to include Makira, Isabel, Central Islands, Guadalcanal and Malaita as provincial bases, yesterday, Housanau said that there is nothing wrong with the name.

“What the name do is important. That is, it is our action that speaks louder than our words. While I understands that the past Ma’asina Ruru movement was rebellious, came across challenges and other issues discussed.

“Nevertheless, Name is just a name, now what we do from here and onwards is important. It is not the intention of Ma’asina Ruru movement, now to be rebellious, as avenues and provisions in terms of laws has defined.

“Ma’asina Ruru as a movement, has followers, ie they are people who follow ideals, funding principals and beliefs of value systems of our own.”

He said that Ma’asina Ruru Movement as a movement must advocate that this country should come back to people who own it.

“The sovereignty of Solomon Islands as a country is no longer here, as hence, at the moment, even we the real original people of this country where we know everything about, for instance, our customs, culture, values, our land boundaries and our genealogies, law & orders, intelligences, all these is no longer secret or controlled by original owners but outsiders.

“Why Ma’asina Ruru Movement must maintain this name Movement is that, because of the point that our country tales and secrets, for sure, is a very sad thing that all foreign countries knows well about them.

“It is not meant that for us to battle, it means Ma’asina Ruru as a movement, we must advocate that this country must come back to the original peoples who owns it. We talk about issues like NPF and Police. These issues are too small. Once we are looked after by someone from outside, such issues can’t be under the sun solved. Even the government won’t listen to this issues, why, because they are controlled by outside influences.

“Unfortunately, with due respect to our previous leaders, they have done their part. Our previous leaders since independence, they have done their part. They’ve govern these nation, until with the hands of our current leaders.

“We do not have a leader that can stand and say no, this country belongs to us, what we want is this. Whether you liked it or not this is what we want. Whilst, we do not have such a kind of leaders. Thus that is what Why Ma’asina Ruru Movement ls targeting. To advocate and encourage our leaders for them to lead our country with integrity, to lead with the sense that the country has its own sovereign status of its own.”

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