LSL not allowed to set foot on Russell islands: Sevev land trust board

By Alfred Sasako

THE Chairman of the Sevev Land Trust Board, Leslie Norris, has written to Lever Solomon Ltd, warning it is no longer allowed to enter or claim any Fixed Term Estates (FTEs) on Russell Islands.

Mr Norris warned that failure to comply would amount to criminal trespass, incurring charges.

Mr Norris’s letter follows a similar letter, which the Registrar of Titles has written to Lever Solomon Ltd. In it, the Registrar’s Office advised LSL of “Note of Re-entry by Sevev Land Trust Board (Incorporated) has been entered on 13 FTEs Register.

These FTEs are: 165-002-121, 165-002-123, 177-003-2 177-003-3, 177-003-6, 177-004-2, 177-004-3, 177-005-1, 177-006-1, 177-006-3, 177-006-4, 178-001-1 and 178-002-1

“Please be advised that by virtue of the Registrar’s entry of Sevev Land Trust Board’s re-entry dated 13th June 2018, your FTEs on Russell Islands had been forfeited according to law and as such you no longer have any claims of ownership of Russell Islands,” Mr Norris said in the letter dated 18th June 2018.

The one-page letter was addressed to the Manager of Lever Solomons Ltd, said.

“This is a notice to convey to you, and your agents, including your Lavukal Trust Board shareholders that you are not allowed to enter Russell Islands without the consent or permission of Sevev Land Trust Board.

“Failure to comply with this notice will amount to criminal trespass and you will be charged accordingly,” the letter said.

But the Chairman of Russell Islands Plantation Estates Ltd (RIPEL), Patrick Wong told Island Sun earlier this week that the ownership claim was “a dream.

“… the FTE titles remain in the name of Lever Solomons Limited,” Mr Wong said.

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