Low supply in home tobacco



Local farmer Mahamud Dimani holding a coil a local home tobacco at his stall at the Auki

PUBLIC in Auki is set to experience low supply of the locally grown tobacco also known as Safusafu from April to July, says local farmer Mahamud Dimani.

Mr Dimani is one of the main home tobacco local famers in central Kwara’ae.

He said from April till July local farmers will experience low production of the popular home tobacco and prices will rocket up in markets

“It is one of the best times during the year that we will have more incomes from our products,” Dimani said.

“The main cause of the low production is due to the weather where we will experience rainy season during those months and our gardens will not produces as much as we want for marketing.

During these months prices will also increase from $800 to $1,000 for a coil which is one foot in length.

“As a farmer I have benefited most on this home tobacco through selling in the market and other selling outlets.

“Each day during the period of low production I collected more than $3000 form marketing.

“At the moment I have grown more than 5000 home tobacco plants and they are ready to be harvested for marketing.

“The local product has benefited most of our villagers through building their home residents and even buying their own vehicles.

“As I am a school leaver where I found no support from nowhere I began my farm in 2011.

“To find assistance and support we have to work hard to achieve our visions and needs especially school fees and other household needs.”

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