‘Look after your health & facility’

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By Gary Hatigeva

COMMUNITIES and residents of Rennell and Bellona province, especially those on Rennell Island, have been challenged to take the strong initiative to look after their new health care facility as it is anticipated to offer quality health services to the people.

Early this month, the contractor responsible handed the newly constructed health care centre to the province through its health director after succesfully completing the project.

Upon receiving the facilty, the provincial Health Director exressed gratitude on behalf of the Renbel population whom he said will benefit enourmusly from the much needed service.

The Centre is yet to be opened for public use, but both the ministry and province are anticipating a much better health service for the people of the two islands and should also save costs and time for patients.

The completion also came as welcoming news to people from other provinces who took to local social media forums, expressing their happiness for the people of the southern region, who many thought the project was a well-deserved one for the small province.

Meanwhile, as someone who has always been very critical and pursuant about issues that affect people of this country, Benjamin Afuga, stressed that health is the number-one social service that any community must have.

“Therefore if a community has one, it is the duty of all in that community to look after it, maintain it and appreciate those that donated that health facility, and that not all communities in the country have one therefore, those that have one are so be privileged,” the Yumi Tok Tok Forum founder stressed.

Afuga added that he is also encouraged to see smaller provinces benefit from such health initiative, and that the government through the health ministry, should also be acknowledged, “for this life saving facility to the people of Renbel.

“Youths, parents and the communities please treat this facility as your own home, and be reminded that this new clinic can only last long if you take good care and treat it as your own,” Afuga added.

Also sharing similar sentiments on the facility, a retired nurse who used to serve in the Renbel added that as a province that had always been left out in these kinds of health developments, with the beautiful centre completed, the people must think seriously about working closely with the responsible authorities to maintain it and ensure that services are not disrupted.

The retired nurse who asked not to be named stressed that, “to look after your health, would also mean looking after your care centre, and looking after your care centre also means looking after your health”.

The health care centre is expected to open for the Renbel public to use once work on getting personnel to serve and requured equipments are finalised.

It is understood that the selection unit within the Ministry is in discussions to select nurses and doctor to be sent to serve in the province, which according to earlier reports, should come in the middle of this year.