Long queue disturbs issuing of passport books


Long queues and overcrowding in front of the Immigration office has hindered issuing new passports.

This has led to many new passport books remaining uncollected at the Immigration office.

Immigrations is calling on public to cooperate and not to over-crowd the office entrance.

A notice from Immigration said they have around 500 to 700 uncollected passports in their office, however over-crowding and long queues disturbs them from issuing the passports to the owners.

Immigration office said once the door entrance is clear it will be helpful to the officers to deal with the issue.  

The notice says that seasonal applicants disrupted normal office services and becoming a concern for visas and other Immigration services.

Therefore, the Immigration are urging the public concerned especially those seasonal workers to cooperate with them so that they can fairly serve everybody who wanted their service.

Meanwhile one of the passport applicants said the long queues and over-crowding outside the Immigration started way back last year.

The applicant said that some of them already put their application forms last year and yet to collect their passports.

“If only the Government decentralize the Immigration office to other locations it will be helpful, because our population increases and its time the government think of other location to avoid such over-crowding,” the applicant said.

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