Lock down legal: AG

Attorney General John Muria Jnr
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THE 36-hour simulation lock-down exercise is legal and has hefty penalties if breached.

This was confirmed by the Attorney General John Muria Junior.

Mr Muria in radio talkback yesterday said according to court the lock-down orders are constitutional, meaning it is valid.

“Please respect them and adhere to them. If you breach it you will be arrested. Penalty for breaching the lock-down is SBD10,000 or five-year imprisonment,” he said.

Dr Jimmie Rodgers, secretary to the Prime Minister, said the simulation lock-down is a legal exercise.

“It is not like a mock.

“This because it is established under law it requires people to also follow,” Rodgers said.

Police commissioner Mostyn Mangau speaking on the same matter reminds people and communities within Honiara Emergency zones that “it is a trial lock-down exercise but if breached you will be arrested and be dealt with by the Police compliance team.

“Only people who are exempted under the lock-down will be allowed to move around.

“For essential services we need them to mobilise to provide essential services this for those who are exempted. If you know that you are not exempted to come out you will be deal with for any breached on our lock down,” Mangau said.

He said police will be on high alert to ensure the orders are enforced and executed.

“This is to allow the Ministry of Health to run their exercise in trying out their Standard Operating procedures in case the delta variant enters the country the front line officers are prepared to deal with.”