Locals disagree over delay blame on new bus routes

The Chairman of the Taskforce Mr Eddie Ngava said they are aware many bus still running short route from SDA to Naha route
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CITIZENS in Honiara say that the road condition in the city is one of the many areas also affecting the new bus routes enforced.

Recently, many members amongst the general public have blamed Honiara City Council’s (HCC) new short bus routes being enforced early this year stating that it is causing delay for public travelling.

However according to certain locals, they say that complaints from the new bus routes enforced is short sighted as there are other contributing factors to the situation faced.

“Continuous road maintenance along the city’s main roads is one cause of delay for the timing of movement for vehicles as well. Not forgetting, the roads are getting smaller from the number of vehicles now used in Honiara,” said locals raising their points to Island Sun.

“Honiara City Council (HCC) is acting in a way to bring about change to push us forward as we cannot always be in the same stage of development.”

Local say if from monitoring in the long run but the new enforcement is not improving to any changes at all then from there, people might then call for re-changing the new bus routes system.

HCC Mayor Hon Andrew Mua when questioned over complaints raised on the new bus routes enforced said that despite of many criticisms, they are not thinking of making any changes to the new enforcement system.

HCC’s Chairman of the Taskforce responsible for the bus routes, Eddie Ngava, recently during their press conference also clarified that HCC’s new enforcement is to help other rules or Acts of the National Government being enforced.

“This includes the health sector and the tourism industry,” said Ngava.