Local women learn from Taiwan farming



Manager of Adaliua Taiwan Technical Mission, Mr Samson Hsu explains the method they use to plant cassava to the women.

LOCAL women communities surrounding the Adaliua Taiwan Technical Mission farm in Central Kwara’ae had the chance to learn farming methods from the mission.

This paper accompanied the farm learning programme yesterday, and witnessed how the programme was an eye-opener for the women, who themselves are experienced farmers.

Manager of Adaliua Taiwan Technical Mission, Mr Samson Hsu during the programme, led the women to different sections of farming in the entire area and explained how they did simple agriculture farming.

An important area Mr Hsu emphasised on is to understand all the natural elements involved farming.

He explained that in any type of farming, three most important things that would make a good harvest out of the farming activity are sunlight, nutrition and water.

“These are the fuels to make the farming as engine to flourish and make a good harvest.

“You must ensure a good sunlight for the farm or the crops you grow, a good soil with nutrition and appropriate water for the crops.

“Some more other areas to understand are the style or the method use to do planting of crops that looks at digging soil for planting, spacing of the crops when planted, appropriate vines and stalks to plan and how to care for them.”

He also emphasised that shifting cultivation is an old type of farming where people move farms from one place to another in search of good nutrition to make good harvest.

“It is not necessary that way. You can farm in just a location all year around, but that needs proper management of the type of crops and legumes to farm.

“If you planted cassava in your garden, after harvesting the crop don’t plant it again in the same garden or location.

“You might replant the area with melons, bean or other types of legume to recover the nutrition than after you might plant potatoe or the cassava again in the same areas,” Mr Hsu said.

He urged the women that ‘knowing where to do farming, what involve it and how to do it are very important as it will give you good harvest for your hard work’.

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