Ling defends Mamara house design, quality

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METROPOLIS Pacific Pte Ltd has defended the construction of new houses at the Mamara New City in North West Guadalcanal.

General Manager William Ling said the housing construction techniques adopted for the MAMARA houses are modern techniques originating from Australia and New Zealand, with capacities to withstand earthquakes of magnitude 12 and typhoons.

Ling said the materials were selected for their high-quality environmental protection, fire resistance, heat insulation, and termite prevention.

“In only two months, a new town complex with 50 fully-functional novel villas will be built on what was previously completely barren land.

“The speed of construction would be impossible to achieve without the hundreds of local employees who are working hard to bring a new standard of housing to Solomon Islands,” he said.

Ling said the houses currently underway are intended for civil servants and ordinary citizens.

“It has always been our intention to ease the housing shortage that has plagued Honiara for a long time.

“For civil servants who wish to purchase these houses, they need only put a down payment of 20%-30% of the house price, and after obtaining a mortgage loan from the bank or finance company, shall only spend half or two-thirds of their current rental outlay to serve the monthly mortgage repayment amount,” he said.

Ling said it is their own choice as to whether to continue to pay rental or to put a portion of their earnings into purchasing their own home

Furthermore, Ling said the current development plan comes after many years of planning, discussions, setbacks and adjustments, finally receiving approval at the 8th and 9th sessions of the annual Mamara Council Meeting.

“We have persevered through many obstacles, including the Covid pandemic in order to finally kickstart the Mamara project.

“It is only possible through the cooperation and support of the central government of Solomon Islands, the provincial government of Guadalcanal, and their people,” he added.

The Mamara project and the development of Mamara-Tasivarongo-Mavo land is based on Solomon Islands Law No. 145.

“While Metropolis Pacific Pte Ltd is the company that is party to an Agreement made under this law, Metropolis Mamara Development Limited is our wholly-owned subsidiary that has been incorporated and registered in Solomon Islands for the specific implementation of the Mamara project in terms of development and construction,” Ling said.

The original shareholders of Metropolis Pacific Pte Ltd (and thus, Metropolis Mamara Development Limited) occupy two seats as Council Members on the Mamara Council, out of the three Council seats assigned for the developers.