Ling: $100M invested so far on Mamara project

Work on the Mamara City project last year.
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METROPOLIS Pacific Pte Ltd claimed it has invested more than $100 million so far on the new Mamara New Capital City on North West Guadalcanal.

General Manager of Metropolis Pacific Pte Ltd, William Ling confirmed this to Island Sun yesterday.

Ling said so far, capital investment into the MAMARA project has exceeded SBD$100 million, which has gone towards the:

  1. construction of the project headquarters;
  2. the first 50 units of housing;
  3. the purchase of construction materials and machineries;
  4. 2400 square meters of factories and warehouses, and
  5. the foundation materials for 70 rooms in what will be Mamara Spring Hotel’s main building.

He said Metropolis Pacific Pte Ltd is a private company registered in Singapore.

“All funds are contributed by the Company’s shareholders from their own assets and funds invested and raised honestly from international capital markets such as Hong Kong and Singapore,” he said.

Furthermore, Ling said Metropolis Pacific Pte Ltd, fully invested in the development of the “MAMARA New City” project to promote the local economic development in Solomon Islands, through contributions to the construction industry, tourism industry, hardware and building materials, retail, and catering services.

He said since commencement, the MAMARA project has created local employment opportunities, with more than 120 local employees hired so far, including construction workers, security personnel, logistics workers, landscapers and cleaners.

Ling said the total number of overseas foreign employees employed under the project is currently at 66, who bring in the necessary skills in project management, engineering, technical work and logistics personnel.

He said these foreign employees came from many countries, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesian, mainland China and more.

Moreover, Ling said last year has seen numerous consultations, tasks and assessments done on the Mamara TasivarongoMavo area and the MAMARA project, including talks with local lawyers, surveyors, environmental assessors (including topographical surveys, environment impact reports, contract drafting and reviews) and leaders within the local community.