Life saving call


A survivor of congenital heart disease Andy Tolobua calls for support to save Linta Mabo who shared similar heart disease.

Young Tolobua made the call because he shared the same life situation and successfully underwent lifesaving heart surgery in Israel.

“As a person who went through similar situation, I am calling on the public to come forward and support her to give her a second chance to live,” he said.

He said after surgery he is living a normal life because of support from the public, friends and families with the help from Goodridge Foundation in Australia and Wolfson Medical Center in Israel.

He underwent lifesaving heart surgery on 18 July 2019 at the Wolfson Medical Center by the volunteer medical team members of Save a Child Heart in Israel.

Andy Tolobua shows his support for Linta Mabo

Young Linta Mabo from Roghavolo village in North Guadalcanal is suffering congestive cardiac failure/Valvular Heart disease 20 Rheumatic Heart Disease and needs SBD$300,000 to undergo heart surgery in Australia.

Her parents also appeal for financial support for their daughter to undergo urgent surgery in Australia by June.

“We are writing to request for financial support to help in sending our daughter overseas for the surgery.

“The fundraising is critical since she has been ill for long period now and since our National Referral Hospital cannot afford to do heart surgery here, we kindly seek your support,” the parents said.

Those who wish to support her can be reached on phone 7587793 or 7475274.

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