Life is worthless

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A lifetime prisoner’s testimony



Inmate Ben Tofola sharing his testimony of 28 years spends in prison to people during recent celebrating the 16 days of activism in Auki. PHOTO BY SAMIE WAIKORI

AN inmate at the Correctional Centre in Auki publicly announced that prison is not the place to be.

Ben Tofola, who is serving life imprisonment, made the statement at the 16 days activism program to end violence against women and girls, recently in Auki.

He said he entered prison in 1990 when he was 15 years old. Now it is 28 years since he had been held captive.

Tofola who was also a speaker during the programme challenged that nothing is good when one is in prison and life is not worth anything when one is a prisoner.

He said there is no life in prison. He said it is the worst experience ever.

Tofola’s testimony during the 16 days activism is to raise awareness among the community when it comes to dealing with violence and its consequences.

He said he had regrets but there is nothing else he can do. Tofola said it is quite painful for him when he thought about what had happened and how he ended up in prison.

“The trouble I did only took me seconds, but the punishment now got me 28 years in prison and will continue for the rest of my life.”

Tofola said being in prison limits one’s freedom. He said when one is think about it, life is worthless, meaning one is in this world for nothing.

“My advice to all people is to refrain from any form of violence at all. As we celebrate this 16 days activism, I urge all men to put a stop to abuse and violence against women and girls. Every problem has the right way to solve it. Whether its family problem or whatever dispute, there are always solutions and do not to jump into violence,” he said.

Tofola said people of all ages with strengths, status and characteristics were in prison. He said no-one is above the law.

He said it is very important that everyone adopt to virtues of harmony, peace, love and kindness.

He encourages everyone to live in peace and harmony with each other.

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