Let us work together so change the attitude: Bosamata


NGF’s representative and Chairman Charles Gauba explaining the insight vision of NGF for Ngella citizens.

CENTRAL Islands Provincial Speaker Mr John Bosamata raises disappointment over certain prominent figures not attending the recent launching of Ngella Forum’s Constitution.

For such, the Provincial Speaker strongly calls on all Ngella stakeholders, representatives from the churches, traditional leaders, Chiefs and everybody including women and youths to work together in order to change the future of their islands.

Since coming into existence and famously standing against negative issues, Ngella’s famous social media Forum (NGF) finally launched its own Constitution at Tulaghi over the weekend on Saturday, seeing it creating a legal platform for Ngella people to discuss issues concerning their islands and Central Islands Province (CIP) as a whole.

Mr Bosamata during then said that if it is questioned that everyone can change Ngella into a better place through NGF, “yes”.

“My only appeal to the people of Ngella is that please let us all work together for the betterment of our future. I believe a more good number of people especially in the rural areas will have access to the forum’s program online social media soon as this is one of the only ways and approach that we can be able to make a change for Ngella Constituency especially on issues that affect our people,” said Mr Bosamata.

“Disseminating Information is very important. A truth is that one has to change his or her attitude first too before we can solve and change the whole situation together.

“Despite of the unavailability of the Premier and other leaders of the Provincial Executive and the Provincial Administration as well, I would like to say thank you to the NGF members having them come facilitate together with us on the launching of the NGF Constitution, 2018.

Active members of NGF and invited guests pose for a group photo after NGF successfully launched its own Constitution over the weekend at Tulaghi. History in the making for NGF. PHOTOS BY MANEBONA BARNABAS

NGF’s rep and Chairman Mr Charles Gauba during the launching of NGF’s Constitution personally thanked the forum members for holding hands together all through times for the past few years to come up with the Constitution.

“The constitution is very important, without it NGF will have no equal part in giving advice or the legal implications that come up regarding the activities, approach and the stand of NGF which will have the risk of being threatened. But with the constitution, we are in good hands because it is now a legal constitution,” explained a pleased Mr Gauba.

“CIP’s Provincial Government has its own mandate, NGF having its own legal constitution does not mean we will daily interfere with the provincial government, churches and whatsoever group in their daily businesses. What we are here for today is to rally support from our provincial government, help church leaders and strengthen the youth and women leaders to be good role models in the society.

“Let us set a way as leaders and see the importance of informing the ordinary citizens of Ngella to make well informed decisions on when it comes to development and social activities affecting daily lives. NGF is there to criticize when there are not fair decisions.

“To all children and citizens of Ngella, NGF will always stand for good leadership and not bad leadership and decisions. So we must all hold hands together to work with our communities, churches and CIP’s Provincial Government on issues for the best interest of the children of Ngella.”

NGF’s launching becoming a legal Constitution strongly seals the right for proper transparency on issues taking place and to take place in the future within Ngella islands. A historical move being new.

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