LEAP training for EOs successfully ends in Auki



Education Officers (EOs), representatives from Malaita Education Authority and LEAP who attending the LEAP training which successfully ends in Auki on Thursday.

A three-day training under LEAP project for education officers from the four regions of Malaita province successfully ended in Auki yesterday.

The training covered an introductory to the LEAP project, seeking solutions to challenges faced by literacy in the province and creation of an improvement plan on the programme in the education authority Level.

LEAP Malaita Provincial Education Authority Mentor, Mr Fred Ramoli said the first day of the workshop helped participants to have a clear understanding on the programme.

He said it enclosed the reason for LEAP in Malaita, the importance of the programme and areas requiring work to be implemented under the project.

Ramoli said the second component of the workshop looked at challenges Malaita province faced that affects the literacy or the learning of school pupils.

He said under the component they did what known as “sense making” which looked at seeking solutions or alternatives to challenges faced in schools in the province.

Ramoli said LEAP referred to sense making as “talk stories” which looked at consultation among community elders to seek solution to issues in communities affecting schools.

He said the other area the training also focussed on is core creation or improvement plan that looks at improving situations in the Education Authority (EA) level.

Ramoli said that mainly refer to improving plans on administration and management of EA level that affects schools leaders and also learning of school pupils.

Meanwhile, he said one of the highlights during the training was the inception of a vision and mission statement for Malaita province.

“It is a milestone since the province doesn’t have any statement and work is currently on it as it will forward to provincial level for approval.

“Once it approved the vision will be the directive of thoughts for all education stakeholders in the province to work closely towards it,” he said.

Ramoli said the Leadership Education Authority Programme (LEAP) is a programme under MEHRD which focusses on working in a holistic approach of literacy for schools in the country

He said LEAP operates under a joint venture of Auckland University, USP and Institute of Education (IOE) under MEHRD.

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