Leaked footage of biscuit made from plastic concerns public


A video footage showing a biscuit product made from plastic has raised questions over the processing and criteria of imported food products coming into the country.

The concern was raised following a footage shot by an unknown group in Papua New Guinea which was originally uploaded on PNG Happenings Today and distributed on Facebook.

The footage shows an unknown person burning one piece of biscuit which burned like a plastic melting down a pan.

The product called Cream Cracker with green and yellow stripes in colour is said to be produced and imported from China.

The footage was posted on YUMI TOK TOK FORUM on January 11th this year and has attracted a number of citizens raising their concern and also calling on the responsible authorities to thoroughly check imported goods from China as such goods pose a huge risk to people’s health.

“Since China is one of the countries whose products are not inspected neither the factories were inspected, we do not know exactly what their products are made of. Let’s stop buying food products including snacks made from China,” one comment said.

While another commenter strongly emphasised that responsible authorities must seriously take tougher action on imported goods.

“I don’t understand why the government didn’t control the amount and types of Chinese products that flooded our markets.

“Just so that MPs and those in responsible authorities know that Solomon Islanders and residents are not second-grade citizens, therefore they better pull their acts together and start treating general populace as they deserve – the first class citizens.

“It is now time to stop importers from importing garbage from their motherland and making millions of dollars from selling us trash,” one of the commenter said.

Some suggestion pointed out that the government should set up laboratory to test all food and drinks in all consignments at the wharf before released for sell.

The intervention will be a possible break through on unhealthy foreign foods that have been flooded into the country.

Readers stressed that it’s seriously a health concern and that responsible authorities must take note of the concern seriously.

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