Leaders blinded by power hunger: Tuki


ONE and only women

THE country’s only female Member of Parliament says leaders of the country are blinded by their hunger for power and satisfaction.

Speaking in Parliament during the Motion of no Confidence on Monday, Member of Parliament for Temotu Vatu Hon Freda Tuki stressed that the main issue of leaders in the country is that they are never satisfied with portfolios the government hands down to help the nation grow.

She said this attitude has resulted in leaders not using their capacity to transform Solomon Islands.

Tuki stressed she is sad to see leaders continuing to search for the opportunity to satisfy their ambition and achievement.

“I’m sad and at the same time surprised to see leaders still searching for satisfaction in the political arena.

“This is a second time that such political movement takes place and I wonder what our leaders are yet to achieve,” she said.

Tuki reminds members of Parliament that being elected is to represent people in the national decision body and not searching for power satisfaction.

“Such bad political attitude done nothing good for the country but continues to boycott needed education, health and other important service the country expects from decision maker,” she said.

Meanwhile, she adds that the trend of instability faced by ruling governments every year shows the need for more women in parliament.

She emphasised that more women in parliament will bring positive change in the political arena of Solomon Islands.

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